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Dr Martens

We helped Dr Martens increase sales from 2 million to 12 million pairs of boots per annum.
A real boot up the proverbial.


Dr Martens is one of the UK’s most iconic and globally recognised brands. It has always been synonymous with edge, attitude and rebellion and has a long association with youth culture.

With sales of the classic 1460 boot remaining static HCL were recruited to work with the Airwair team to extend the brand into other product categories such as Sandals, Urban Cool, All Terrain and Kids footwear. It was essential to retain the unique characteristics of the brand whilst stretching its appeal.

Dr Martens heritage and history is what makes it truly distinctive and our task was to retell the brand’s story to engage a new generation of consumers.

The Dr Martens DNA of ‘energy and edge’ was an invaluable asset, so to ensure success it was essential that the new product ranges tapped into the inherent energy of the brand.

Music is also a key part of the brand and its cultural appeal and we needed to re-establish this connection through creative campaigns, product placement and sponsorship.

The Results

During our work for Dr Martens sales grew by 600%, representing growth from 2 million to 12 million pairs per annum.

The Dr Martens brand was successfully extended into new product categories including clothing, accessories, sandals, kids and urban footwear to a new generation of customers.